Citizen Muscle Boot Camp


KUDOS to Nancy from Spirit Lights the Way for sharing this opportunity for us to create citizen-centric involvement in our communities.  Check it out.

Originally posted on Spirit Lights The Way:

The Citizen Muscle Boot Camp is a 4-week online program designed to provide the skills you need to make change on the issues you care about.

It’s an exercise plan to make the world a better place!

The Citizen Muscle Boot Camp is designed to get each of us flexing our Citizen Muscles and building the skills we need to make change in our communities

Complete with videos from Annie; hands-on, interactive online exercises; and some additional tips and exercises to practice as we go about our day the Citizen Muscle Boot Camp helps us develop our skills as changemakers.

To participate in a Boot Camp, all you need is an internet connection, about an hour or two a week, and desire to make the world a better place.

To Register, click HERE.

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Why I Cheer for Mexico

I doubt most Americans can remember a time when so many of us were gathered around large screens to watch the World Cup. Having had a crush on an Arsenal player in my 20s, my interest was always peeked but this year, it’s on every screen as I traipse through the hotel lobby bars and restaurants. During the early contests, in the heat of the game, my youngest child asked me, “Why are you cheering for Mexico?”


For Pete’s Sake

It ran in the family. You see, Charles Seeger was forced to resign from the music department at the University of California, Berkeley because he was an outspoken pacifist during World War I. Frankly, it’s both surprising and warming to recognize that there were war protesters in 1918.


Pete Seeger’s well known banjo. Paul VanDerWerf creative commons 2.0


One Common Plate; Cinnamon and Pear

One common plate is all it takes to bridge a gap. At least that is the thinking of the progressive folks at Slurrpy where during the month of December, they are highlighting 10 women across the globe who are blogging about food. We’re of different ilk. We work in different kitchens. We use different recipes. Yet, this month, we’ll collectively focus on the same ingredients to bring you a concrete example of the power of diversity to create a collective response.

Cinnamon and Pear

Cinnamon and Pear


Asparagus Aspersions

Don’t be casting aspersions on my asparagus! Or said another way, please refrain from tarnishing the reputation of my flowering perennial vegetables.

Aspersion Seeker


Happy Day Mrs. Jarvis!

She was specific about the punctuation. It should be singular possessive so that each family can honor their own mother. That very statement implied that it would not be a plural possessive commemorating all women in the world. And so, U.S. President Wilson used the singular possessive when he signed the law creating the official Mother’s Day holiday in 1914.IMG_0970


Uh-oh Cheerio!

In a classic display of free speech and economic politicking, General Mills corporation recently experienced a PR blunder.

Uh Oh! Cheerio!

Uh Oh! Cheerio!


Badlands Weekend

Tucked away in isolation without a local grocery, refuse pick-up or wifi, one becomes immediately aware of consumption. This was the case when we visited the Malpai. The Malpai are the border lands between Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. Translated, it is bad country named in a history before this according to the heat, the dryness, and the abundant wildlife. Here at the J& A Cattle Ranch we don’t see but know there are an abundance of mountain lion and bear, birds of prey and reptiles. This is wide open space homesteaded under Woodrow Wilson where you wake with the sun and spend time just spending time.

Back of the J&A Ranch


“I like pie”

Urban dictionary says that this is a phrase used to politely decline to engage in discussion, with the implication that the original speaker is deliberately trying to upset or post flamebait. Perhaps I will have to do a future post on flamebait but as this political season heats up with all of its rhetoric and smear ads, I prefer the idea of eating more pie.

Summer Tomato Pie


Paleo Politics and Free Speech

I’ve been contemplating the idea of sending out a weekly post with links to articles of interest. Specifically, I’ve been watching the US farm bill, some emerging issues in African agricultural microfinance and then this: Can the government throw you in jail for offering advice on the Internet about what food people should buy at the grocery store? Seriously?

Dashing off to get a Turkey Leg