Spiralizing and the Sharing Economy

In my grandmother’s kitchen there was a gadget for everything. Can’t retrieve the pickle from the bottom of the jar? Use the pickle poker. From lemon squeezers to cherry pitters to olive forks and corn handles, there was a specific use for everything and the appropriate sized baking dish to accompany it.IMG_5052.jpg


Made in the Shade

I was late dashing out for my morning walk today. That’s a bit of a problem given our summer temps and it also dictates my walking path. I choose shade.IMG_3804


Here Comes the Sun

Meteorological data from 1969 shows that London was bitter cold in February and March of that year. It also shows that in April, the same area set a record for 189 sunlight hours – not exceeded until 1984. This weather trivia syncs perfectly with the biography of Eric Clapton who describes Beatle, George Harrison wondering about in his garden with a guitar and composing a song. It was Here Comes the Sun.


NASA/Goddard/SDO provided via Creative Commons 2.0


Creative Crowdfunding Models

Community Supported Agriculture, a method by which individuals prepay for a share of a farmer’s produce, has been around in the U.S. since the 1980s. It was based on the Japanese concept of teikei translated literally as putting a face on one’s food. CSA enables farmers to sell directly to consumers, ensures a certain level of food safety by allowing individuals to see and in some cases work at a farm and creates a mutually beneficial relationship where food dollars stay local and food miles are reduced. As most of you know, I could go on.


Ode to My Grocer

Eddie Basha 1937 - 2013

Eddie Basha
1937 – 2013
A Good Man and a Very Bad Boy

Two years ago, my dear friend and mentor, Eddie Basha, died just before national poetry month. I couldn’t finish this at the time but wanted to honor him. He was an Arizona Icon and a brilliant business man with a heart bigger than his head. He had a generosity of spirit and a flare for practical jokes like no one I’ll ever know. He ran for Governor once but lost because although he was a great leader, he was a poor politician. His grocery chain, Bashas, is dispersed widely across our state and is a hub in many of our rural communities. He spent many years on the Board of Regents, a warrior for education for all. I remain deeply saddened by his departure yet in his leaving, he has caused me and others to examine our words and deeds through the filter of fairness and kindness. I wrote this from my own observations and also from some of the lovely tributes paid to him in the days following his death.


The Pollen Path

Oh, Beauty before me, Beauty behind me, Beauty to the right of me, Beauty to the left of me,  Beauty above me,  Beauty below me. I’m on the pollen path.

Navajo poem



Putting the Super in Bowl

Locally, we’re still in a bit of post-game Euphoria. We had scores of visitors from the Northern states places escaping the brutal grasp of winter cold while energetically supporting their home teams. Sea planes full of CEOs were flying overhead to scope available land and probably the abundance of golf. Downtown workers used more profanity during their commutes as they battled the detours.

Putting the Super in Bowl

Putting the Super in Bowl


Citizen Muscle Boot Camp

KUDOS to Nancy from Spirit Lights the Way for sharing this opportunity for us to create citizen-centric involvement in our communities.  Check it out.

Spirit Lights The Way

The Citizen Muscle Boot Camp is a 4-week online program designed to provide the skills you need to make change on the issues you care about.

It’s an exercise plan to make the world a better place!

The Citizen Muscle Boot Camp is designed to get each of us flexing our Citizen Muscles and building the skills we need to make change in our communities

Complete with videos from Annie; hands-on, interactive online exercises; and some additional tips and exercises to practice as we go about our day the Citizen Muscle Boot Camp helps us develop our skills as changemakers.

To participate in a Boot Camp, all you need is an internet connection, about an hour or two a week, and desire to make the world a better place.

To Register, click HERE.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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Well Preserved

What is old can sometimes make a better new. Of course, that is my own philosophy demonstrated by the dress that I recently wore to the Black and White ball but it was also the conclusion of a fascinating article Older, Better, Smaller produced by the Preservation Green Lab of National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Preservation in the Kitchen

Preservation in the Kitchen