Planning Ahead

The list of things that I intend to accomplish in 2017 is vast. There’s a qualifying paper for my PhD, kids in transition, summer excursions, bodies to get into shape, education reform that needs leadership, friends to catch up with, and plenty of fun to be had. It takes some planning.img_5716 (more…)

Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) to Carve Out More Time

I was talking with my friend, Tony Smith the other day. “I’m maxed out,” I said.  He snorted a deep chest guffaw and said, “I suggest that maxed out is your preferred operating style.” Truth be told, he’s right but as I delve into a PhD program, I need plenty of tricks and tips in order to at least pretend to keep the balance.

Carving up the Schedule

Carving up the Schedule


Citizen Muscle Boot Camp

KUDOS to Nancy from Spirit Lights the Way for sharing this opportunity for us to create citizen-centric involvement in our communities.  Check it out.

Spirit Lights The Way

The Citizen Muscle Boot Camp is a 4-week online program designed to provide the skills you need to make change on the issues you care about.

It’s an exercise plan to make the world a better place!

The Citizen Muscle Boot Camp is designed to get each of us flexing our Citizen Muscles and building the skills we need to make change in our communities

Complete with videos from Annie; hands-on, interactive online exercises; and some additional tips and exercises to practice as we go about our day the Citizen Muscle Boot Camp helps us develop our skills as changemakers.

To participate in a Boot Camp, all you need is an internet connection, about an hour or two a week, and desire to make the world a better place.

To Register, click HERE.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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Well Preserved

What is old can sometimes make a better new. Of course, that is my own philosophy demonstrated by the dress that I recently wore to the Black and White ball but it was also the conclusion of a fascinating article Older, Better, Smaller produced by the Preservation Green Lab of National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Preservation in the Kitchen

Preservation in the Kitchen


For Pete’s Sake

It ran in the family. You see, Charles Seeger was forced to resign from the music department at the University of California, Berkeley because he was an outspoken pacifist during World War I. Frankly, it’s both surprising and warming to recognize that there were war protesters in 1918.


Pete Seeger’s well known banjo. Paul VanDerWerf creative commons 2.0


Top Ten Tips for Emergency Food Preparedness

We’ve all seen the photos of empty grocery store shelves raided by paranoia and self-preservation when an impending doom is near. What about those who aren’t able to get to a store after doom has hit? Cyclones, ice storms, earthquakes, heat waves or disasters of the human kind like the chemical spill that poisoned a West Virginia water supply are seeming to occur with more regularity than I remember in the past.

After the 3/11 earthquake (flickrcc2.0-jacejudith)

After the 3/11 earthquake (flickrcc2.0-jacejudith)


Head by Head

A group of people from my online writing class decided to eliminate the anonymity of the electronic blackboard and have a Saturday meet up. “Carry a copy of  Bird by Bird,” was the instruction given so that we’d recognize each other. It worked and that book will always remain on my writer’s shelf. The title comes from a story eloquently told by Anne LaMott about her brother’s struggle with a homework assignment and her father’s enduring advice that he tackle the avian research report by writing about one bird at a time.


Carry a copy so that I will recognize you


Traditions Matter

Traditions matter. While I’ve supported that notion on some level for a long time, it took a lesson from my 10 year old for me to fully internalized it.

The Waltz


Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Apps for Food Lovers

This quirky pastime of taking photos of our food will haunt us in history books. Have you noticed? There are some beautiful dishes out there and my propensity to photograph is no exception. I’m also a recent convert to a smart phone. That said, my husband is old hat at it and has shared the delights of numerous helpful apps from the one that allows me to see what I might look like if I gained 200 lbs to the one that helps me to remember where I’ve parked in the multi-story lot. I was recently inspired by a blogger known as omnomnivores to look more deeply into food apps. While I’ve certainly not covered the gamut and the gamut is large, here are the results of my research.

Food Photos Gone Mad!


Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Tips to Get Dinner on the Table

Many of us recognize the drill. You’ve been flying all day – perhaps in heels. The last meeting of the afternoon ran over. There are errands to run on the way home from work and there’s homework to help with the minute you step through the door. Now, what’s for dinner?