Local Food Focus – Hopi Blue Corn

The Blue Corn Maiden

A Hopi Legend

The Blue Corn Maiden is said to be the most beautiful of the corn maiden sisters. The people  loved her very much and they loved the blue corn that she brought to them all year long. Because of this, they felt peace and happiness when she was amongst them.

Hopi Blue Corn

Hopi Blue Corn


An Old-fashioned Barn Raising?

Let me start by apologizing for my overuse of the word “delight”.  I know I write it too often but I haven’t come up with an appropriate synonym for that moment of precious excitement upon discovery of something new.  This morning, I heard it in my 7 year old’s voice, “Mom, come here and see this!”  The object of his delight? His Ant Farm.

The ants had created a new tunnel and it appeared that one might be stuck but another 6-legged critter quickly marched in to alleviate the issue.  For the guy in trouble, his friend, neighbor, family member (or perhaps all three) showed up to help him out of his dilemma. Ok, that might not have been what was really going on but watching caused me to think about something I recently learned about from the Ozarkhomesteader – crop mobbing. (more…)