Is Your Favorite Vegetable in the Dirty Dozen™?

Another blogging friend to the rescue and I delve into one of my eleven texts required for the CEcD exam. Thank you Inger!

A decade ago, the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG) unveiled its first Shoppers Guide™ to Pesticides in Produce. The revolutionary list ranked pesticide residues in common fruits and vegetables, forever changing grocery shopping for pesticide-wary consumers. Now updated annually, the new 2014 list was unveiled last week.

The EWG list provides a ranking of 48 common fruits and vegetables based on volume and variety of pesticide residue. Apples came out the worst — especially concerning if you consider the quantities of apples and apple juice consumed by children–and avocados were rated the best. The worst 12 items on the list are dubbed the “Dirty Dozen™” and the best 15 are designated the “Clean Fifteen™.”

from the EWG website

from the EWG website