My Heroes have always been Cowgirls

During kindergarten, my teacher asked what we’d like to be when we grew up. My answer, “either a cowgirl or a princess” and truth be told, I’m probably still stuck somewhere in that dilemma. Of course, Bonanza Jellybean, the heroine of a Tom Robbin’s novel strengthened the cause. And there was Neil Young’s Cowgirl in the Sand. But this past week, cowgirls weren’t a distant memory or a writer’s muse, they were up-close and in-person.

AZ Highways 2006 Kelly Glenn Kimbro


When the Frost Hands you Lemons

Our winter has been unseasonably cold. In the beginning, DH hustled out each evening with drop cloth to protect our beautiful plants from the frost and now, we’ve thrown in the drop cloth so to speak. We’re patiently waiting for spring warmth to see what might emerge and recover from our brown and crispy landscape. At the same time, across town I did find a group however that was quite productive when they heard the frost was near.

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