Two Wives Tale

“I am the second wife,” says my friend as she tells of the trepidation that she felt moving into the home where the first wife used to live with the man she’d just married. First wife legacy was still alive in the house with it’s beige and yellow walls and a bit of pink splashed in the bedrooms. It would have to be re-done – in time.

Flckr cc 2.o thepatrick

Flckr cc 2.o thepatrick


Badlands Weekend

Tucked away in isolation without a local grocery, refuse pick-up or wifi, one becomes immediately aware of consumption. This was the case when we visited the Malpai. The Malpai are the border lands between Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. Translated, it is bad country named in a history before this according to the heat, the dryness, and the abundant wildlife. Here at the J& A Cattle Ranch we don’t see but know there are an abundance of mountain lion and bear, birds of prey and reptiles. This is wide open space homesteaded under Woodrow Wilson where you wake with the sun and spend time just spending time.

Back of the J&A Ranch


Paleo Politics and Free Speech

I’ve been contemplating the idea of sending out a weekly post with links to articles of interest. Specifically, I’ve been watching the US farm bill, some emerging issues in African agricultural microfinance and then this: Can the government throw you in jail for offering advice on the Internet about what food people should buy at the grocery store? Seriously?

Dashing off to get a Turkey Leg


My Heroes have always been Cowgirls

During kindergarten, my teacher asked what we’d like to be when we grew up. My answer, “either a cowgirl or a princess” and truth be told, I’m probably still stuck somewhere in that dilemma. Of course, Bonanza Jellybean, the heroine of a Tom Robbin’s novel strengthened the cause. And there was Neil Young’s Cowgirl in the Sand. But this past week, cowgirls weren’t a distant memory or a writer’s muse, they were up-close and in-person.

AZ Highways 2006 Kelly Glenn Kimbro


Full Circle

My parents can be proud of this. Not of me and not of my sister but of the evidence that points to the legacy of their own work.

My 8 year old niece’s head was bent over the craft table in full concentration. She was busy with some type of project. Tugging a phone book as large as herself across the room, she sealed an envelope and asked, “How do you spell Womens’ Resource Center?” My sister assisted and asked what was in the envelope. My niece couldn’t remember. A bit concerned about the phone call that might come from the Center or elsewhere, my sis took a peek.

The Gift? A Note and 5 Pencils


Why did the Democrat cross the aisle?

To eat the chalupa!

Let me explain. One of the highlights of my year was the opening of the O’Connor House. The 1950’s adobe ranch-style home was moved brick by brick to its new location behind the historical museum in Papago Park. I’d been invited by a special mentor to have lunch but had no idea that the home’s previous owner, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, would be in attendance. Nor did I know that it would be the first time Justice O’Connor had seen the home since it was moved. And finally, imagine my delight in being seated next to her for the meal.

Sandra Day O’Connor and the O’Connor House


Create Unlikely Allies

On Saturday I attended the Bar Mitzvah of my good friend’s son.  He was poised and eloquent as he read from the Torah and I enjoyed seeing him and other children whose height had surpassed my own in the last year.  Surprisingly our table conversation at the Kiddush wasn’t focused on the amazement of seeing how the kids had grown.  Rather the wonder and intrigue being discussed was Cindy McCain. Her recent advertisement which opposes California’s H8 turned heads and created a steady bubble of dialogue.  Because of her husband’s rejection of gay marriage, Cindy McCain was viewed as an unlikely ally for opponents of H8.