Connecting to a Past

America is called the great melting pot and should you look at my own family tree, you’d find the pot bubbling away with good French wine, a German goulash, Irish soda biscuits, English cheddar and a bit of Scottish Drambuie.



Getting Back to Our Roots

Another election season is firing up. I know because of the steady stream of email and calls coming in “a strong candidate for the District 3 Congressional seat” “support my reelection so I can further work that I’ve begun” “conservative democrat who will bring change”.  Each one is attempting to define their personal brand as they enter the political contest.  I don’t get terribly involved but I do watch with interest. In one particular election, an incumbent is fighting hard to reestablish herself as a strong local leader. She’s a dynamic woman with vision and talent and during her first term, that often led her away from the community to larger state and national platforms.  Exposure that was good for her political future?  Hopefully, but also exposure that took her away from the citizens that had put her into office. Now, she’s working diligently to remind others of the reasons she was originally elected.  She’s trying to reclaim her roots.