Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Reasons to Have House Plants

It’s really nothing more than being green the old-fashioned way. We just didn’t call it that. When I was a kid and our family went on vacation, we not only roped a neighbor into feeding our dog but also into watering the indoor plants while we were away. There were ferns in hanging baskets, easy-to-grow philodendron, temperamental African violets and a wide assortment of ivy and succulents. My grandmother is so good with them that twice a year, she used to hold a well-attended plant sale.

Recommendation: 15 Plants per 2,000 Square Foot Home


Agrigirl’s Blog of Practical Houseplants

There’s a small red clay pot by my kitchen window. Inside grows a lovely pink flowering impatien. It’s a low maintenance variety. I pinch off leaves to make it grow more full and put a few drops of water on it daily – typically from a glass that someone didn’t finish. This little plant has a story.