We’re stuck on the edge right now. Daily temperatures are reaching up to snag the hemline of summer’s skirt and hold her in place while comforting lentil and pumpkin soups are beckoning from cold-weather kitchens. Our kids are back in school and once again, have well established routines. It’s time to take inventory of the yard, clean it up and plant some winter flowers. I want to go hiking in the middle of a Saturday without risk of heat stroke and dehydration. I want the elections to be history. This year I’m ready for change but sometimes transitions are more difficult.

Heading into Autumn


Louisiana Purchase?

My skin started to prickle as I drove into the underpass. Of course I was secure in my car even if it was dark and I was in a new neighborhood but, I was still thinking of my evening conversation. That guy on the bridge was there for seven days.