Top 10 Farmers Market Etiquette Tips (via Sustainable Cooking for One)

It’s National Farmer’s Market Week. The 7,175 farmers markets on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s farmers market directory represent a 17 percent increase since last year. While the increase is encouraging, we all need to have an appreciation for the hardwork and dedication required to get produce to the market. Ground Cherry has done a nice job of outlining some basic market etiquette. Please try to visit one this week!

Olympia Farmers' Market

1. Go with vague ideas, but be flexible. The tomatoes may be wonderful, but if they’re sold out, how about a pasta dish with zucchini and mint instead?

2. Be patient. No pushing, grabbing, or skipping in line.

3. Ask questions: recipes ideas, name that vegetable, how long something will keep… this is one difference between the supermarket and your local producers.

4. Volunteer answers. If someone asks about your favorite vegetable, tell them wh … Read More

via Sustainable Cooking for One