Wordless Wednesday at Duke

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  1. Beautiful montage.

    I especially like “big foot” and “putting our heads together.”

    I didn’t realize you were in NC all this time ~ we lived in Winston Salem for 8 years (from 1984-1992). I spent lots of time in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    • Thanks Nancy. What a beautiful area. I had never seen the University before and what a site! The photos were taken with my blackberry so while they aren’t great quality, they do capture the moment. And how aptly you’ve named it “putting our heads together”.

  2. Oh how I love Duke. I´m so glad you got to see the place. It´s a beautiful campus. And I´m soooo grateful for the education I received there. If I hadn´t been at Duke, I wouldn´t know you! Thanks for posting the pics and for being faithful to your blog resolution. As you´ve noticed, I am not the greatest blogger. …

    • Well, you may not be blogging but you are certainly having an amazing adventure. I’d really like to connect when you return stateside.

  3. Wonderful, Tammy! And with your BLACKBERRY? Wow! What resolution/pixels on that thing? Anyway – if you are coming to western NC, stop in for a visit – we live in Waynesville, right off of Exit 20 on I-40! Favorite pis are the window, and the upshot of the building – nice composition! Keep having fun! And, have you noticed? With all the comments, Wordless Wednesday is not exactly wordless, is it? 😀

    • Thanks Paula. I’m back home now but love it there. I’ll let you know if I come again. And yes, funny about the not so wordless wednesday.

  4. Lisa H

     /  July 8, 2010

    WOW! Those are great pictures, Tammy!

  5. Beautiful pics. What is the picture that looks like a bunch of shredded paper bits flying around? Not able to figure it out…

  6. I love this idea of your’s, “wordless Wednesday”, really interesting. And creative, i must say! I love photography, and if you don’t mind, would like to bring something like this into my blog too 🙂

  7. nice collection of pictures! thanks for sharing!

  8. great pics, i love the big foot, and the lovely pics of the boys


  9. Thank you for stopping by-I have a friend whose daughter is the editor for a magazine at Duke.

  10. Oh, what lovely photos this time around too, Tammy, absolutely beautiful!

  11. I love those pictures!

  12. That looks like a gardenia! Love the fragrance. Nice photos :^)

  13. Gogeous, Tammy! What a great idea – Wordless Wednesday.

  14. great collage Tammy

  15. littlehousesouthernprairie

     /  July 20, 2010

    Yea for North Carolina!


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