Head by Head

A group of people from my online writing class decided to eliminate the anonymity of the electronic blackboard and have a Saturday meet up. “Carry a copy of  Bird by Bird,” was the instruction given so that we’d recognize each other. It worked and that book will always remain on my writer’s shelf. The title comes from a story eloquently told by Anne LaMott about her brother’s struggle with a homework assignment and her father’s enduring advice that he tackle the avian research report by writing about one bird at a time.


Carry a copy so that I will recognize you


Read the Recipe Because Words Matter

Several years back I was in a dinner club. On one occasion I opened my assigned recipe the day of our meal and realized that my dish was supposed to have marinated overnight. Problem! I don’t remember how I resurrected the food item but I certainly learned a lesson. Read the recipe in a timely fashion.

Photo by Kevin Dooley FlickrCC