Independents Week

Sure. You’re thinking I can’t spell and perhaps that does happen on occasion but not today. This 4th of July week is not only symbolic of our nation’s freedom but it’s a time for all Americans to celebrate the importance of our economic democracy by honoring the locally owned independent businesses.

My Mantra


Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Reasons to Shop Locally

I don’t believe that shopping locally is the end-all to the current economic disruption. I also don’t believe it has to be branded as a new kind of protectionism. In these trying times, I believe a multi-faceted recovery approach is necessary. It starts with a strong education system. The second and third prongs are attracting new industries and supporting those businesses that are here now – especially those that contribute to placemaking – which is part of why new industries would be attracted. Here’s why I think supporting local business matters: Homini


Teach Your Children Well

This is a delightful moment. I am co-authoring this blogpost with guest blogger, Calvin H. For those of you who do not know, Calvin is my middle son who turned 11 this week. His birthday and the activities that surrounded it are something that we’d like to share.

My Son

My Middle Child