Yes, No or Not Right Now

The interaction was nearly silent. My son was hunched over the carrying case to his laptop. I could see his hand plunging deeply in each pocket. With mother’s intuition I knew instantly that he was searching for the mouse. He grimaced and the pace picked up. He was frantically moving his fingers from corner to corner of his bag. Silently and without notice I thought, “please let him find his mouse.”

If You Teach a Boy to Fish


5 in the morning

There’s no denying that I’m a morning person. I love to rise early and if I’m well rested, it’s easy to do. Waking before the sun. Sneaking into the kitchen. Turning on the espresso machine and lighting a candle. It’s one of the quiet times in our busy household. I can spend a few silent moments¬†reading and remembering what I’m thankful for. ¬†Or I can take a walk during the time when the sky is the most amazing. Those moments really ground me for the entire day and I’ve come to depend on them. When I skip my morning ritual, I really miss it and I feel out of sorts. It’s one more form of structured framework that I live within and benefit from.