Sunday Morning Raw Reset

Do you have reset day? How about a reset date? Truth be told, we are all time travelers and seasonal creatures. Back to school signals something to us as does the start of a new year or the beginning of another week.


Apple-Lemon Breakfast Bowl


Egg it on – Breakfast Hack Series

“Eat in the car.” That was the clever tipĀ from my 13 yo when I told him that I was doing a series on breakfast hacks. In fact, while not a recommended practice, my son eats on the way to school many days.


Eggs on the Go


Breakfast Hack – Fast break

We’re humming along. Homework done – check. Soccer gear cleaned and packed up – check. Work reading folder – check. Lunches or lunch money – check. Ballet bag packed – check. Gas in the car – check. And we’re off, except that while the car’s tank is fueled, ours might not be.

Breakfast Delight

Breakfast Delight


Egging it on

It is that time of year. Relentless heat still pounding down upon us while we are setting up and settling in to the back to school routine. I’m ready for autumn to be here while holding onto the sweet memories of our summer and not wanting to wish time away any faster than it is currently clicking. My oldest is a high school senior and our remaining weekends before he ventures out likely total less than 50.

Shakshuka - a seasonal transition meal

Shakshuka – a seasonal transition meal