Egg it on – Breakfast Hack Series

“Eat in the car.” That was the clever tip¬†from my 13 yo when I told him that I was doing a series on breakfast hacks. In fact, while not a recommended practice, my son eats on the way to school many days.


Eggs on the Go


Egging it on

It is that time of year. Relentless heat still pounding down upon us while we are setting up and settling in to the back to school routine. I’m ready for autumn to be here while holding onto the sweet memories of our summer and not wanting to wish time away any faster than it is currently clicking. My oldest is a high school senior and our remaining weekends before he ventures out likely total less than 50.

Shakshuka - a seasonal transition meal

Shakshuka – a seasonal transition meal


Hen Keepers

Three percent of U.S. homes have a chicken coop in the yard. Of course, I don’t know how many homes have yards but those with egg-laying birds are on the increase. Is this fad or economics?


Do You Have the Huevos?

Our eggs were delivered on Thursday. We received 3 dozen precious eggs of varying sizes and colors in unmatching¬†recycled cartons. Actually, our egg lady delivers to one of my company offices and colleagues on their way to my building for a meeting are kind enough to schlep them along. They put them in the fridge and someone always puts a sticky note on my light switch that says DON’T FORGET EGGS.