Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Holiday Ideas

I won’t say that I’m doing all ten of these this year. In fact, I’m not. But given that I have a 15 year old, it does mean that I’ve assembled a relatively fruitful portfolio of things that we’ve done during the holidays. I hope one or more of them will stimulate a fun idea for you.



Saving Thyme

A couple of years ago, I transplanted the thyme growing in my garden to the small patio just outside my kitchen. It was a purely selfish move saving me a few steps when I was cooking and needed a few sprigs.

Thyme on the Patio


Kitchen Tradition

Every now and then I hear a story about the secret code of ancestral DNA and how it shapes our being and I’m fascinated. There are sad tales of sickness and addictions handed down through the generations, remarkable stories of exceptional talent running deeply through a family line and quirky bits where relatives separated by years or lineage learn that they share a common habit or interest.

A Kitchen Tradition


Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Tips to Get Dinner on the Table

Many of us recognize the drill. You’ve been flying all day – perhaps in heels. The last meeting of the afternoon ran over. There are errands to run on the way home from work and there’s homework to help with the minute you step through the door. Now, what’s for dinner?



Awaken Your Inner-Nutella

“Whoever invented this has a straight shot into heaven for making so many people happy.” Those are words from my teenaged son as he sat with a spoon and a jar of Nutella. The “this” was in fact, the Nutella.

Nutella and the Attainment of Heaven



The likes of this would NEVER grace my reading list. So, when my colleague suggested it, I smiled and accepted a copy but hey, despite being a fun and dedicated co-worker, this is the guy who vacationed in Siberia. Perhaps our interests diverge.

Image found here


Lest We Forget, We’re Doomed to Repeat

I googled “boatload of sweet potatoes”. Surprisingly, several food writers own that very phrase. Happy that others had encountered this excess before, I settled on the writings of a Seuss Chef (sorry!) for a dish of Green Eggs and Yam.

Green Eggs and Yam


Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Things to Keep in the Pantry

I can make those who live spontaneously on the brink of the moment uncomfortable. I am a planner. I’m not sure if it’s a natural tendency or whether I’ve taken it on as a survival skill over the years. I’m a working mom and regardless of the help you have or the systems that are in place or how perfect your children might be, it’s a challenge.

The Larder


Rumble and Ramble in Blackberry Bramble

It’s easy as pie – really. But that doesn’t explain the numerous little pink scratches criss-crossing my arms which simultaneously eroded the popular productivity principles that I’ve spent a career mastering.

Sally's Blackberry Pie


Note from a Friend

Hi Tammy:  

I am on vacation and want you to know there are people

tearing up lawns to grow food up here!  

Love your blog,