The Glint of Light

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass” – Anton Chekhov

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Note from a Friend

Hi Tammy:  

I am on vacation and want you to know there are people

tearing up lawns to grow food up here!  

Love your blog,



Salt of the Earth

Salt is the new black. But then black salt might refer to sea salt that is mixed with activated charcoal or to Kala Namak, the deep purple salt from India with an odor telling of its sulfur content. Whether it’s pink salt from the Himalayas or matcha green tea salt, recently I’ve seen a number of recipes that call for a specific salt pedigree.

Peruvian Salt in the Sacred Valley


2010 Photos – A Year in Review

Are pictures worth a thousand words? I usually only shoot for 500. And I do shoot!

Howdy Y'all and thanks for reading the Blog!


My First Wordless Wednesday

Changing Planes in Nashville, Tennessee

The song City of New Orleans written by Steve Goodman and made into a folk hit by Arlo Guthrie describes a train journey across America and all of the sights and sounds within. While New Orleans is the destination, the ballad only refers to the experience of arriving with well-crafted descriptions of the passengers and the scenery passing by. At one point, the lyrics reference “changing cars in Memphis, Tennessee”.