Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Ways to Influence Good Health Habits

It’s no secret. I’m battling extra pounds. No, I haven’t hit the obese rating on any chart but I am squeezing into once comfortable clothes and struggling against the scales. Age is not making it any easier.



Squeeze the Day!

One thing I learned when we first moved to the desert was how to use citrus once the season hits. It’s troubling to see so many oranges and grapefruits find their fate on the ground below the trees. At our current home we have a couple of orange trees, a grapefruit and one mandarin type variety. We recently added a lemon tree and two small kumquats to the mix.

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“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.” The quote from Woody Allen describes the condition that triggers the release of endorphins, our natural feel-good chemicals that promote a sense of well-being and have also been shown to relieve pain. It also triggers the release of milk from one’s nostrils but never mind.


Let Me be Your Zero Hero

When my kids’ were a bit younger, on the 100th day of school, the Zero Hero appeared and celebrated with bags of 100 things; Cheerios, pretzels, goldfish crackers – you get the picture. Today, however is my 100th blog post. I recognize that it’s peanuts compared to some of you uber-productive bloggers who churn out multiple posts per day but given that my goal was 50 – 150 posts per year, I’m on track.

Zero Hero Sneaking a Popsicle


The Way to a Man’s Heart

My friend confided in me that her husband will never leave her for another woman. Rather, she might lose him to a good Osso Bucco. I’m certain that you’ve heard the old adage, that the stomach is the pathway to a man’s heart but over the last few years there is growing evidence that the true path to the heart is through one’s teeth.

Showing the Pearly Whites


Salt of the Earth

Salt is the new black. But then black salt might refer to sea salt that is mixed with activated charcoal or to Kala Namak, the deep purple salt from India with an odor telling of its sulfur content. Whether it’s pink salt from the Himalayas or matcha green tea salt, recently I’ve seen a number of recipes that call for a specific salt pedigree.

Peruvian Salt in the Sacred Valley Ogwen.flickr.cc.2.0


The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.  ~Rabindranath Tagore



“There is nothing so overrated as orgasm and as underrated as excrement.” I’ve heard this quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin but now I can’t seem to find a source. So what is it doing here? It began innocently. I asked my youngest son what I ought to blog about this week and with 8 year old humor he answered, “Poop.” Don’t worry, there’s no photo of the product.

An Underrated Experience