Let Me be Your Zero Hero

When my kids’ were a bit younger, on the 100th day of school, the Zero Hero appeared and celebrated with bags of 100 things; Cheerios, pretzels, goldfish crackers – you get the picture. Today, however is my 100th blog post. I recognize that it’s peanuts compared to some of you uber-productive bloggers who churn out multiple posts per day but given that my goal was 50 – 150 posts per year, I’m on track.

Zero Hero Sneaking a Popsicle


Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Reasons to Eat at Home

Inspired by Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way, I thought I’d share the reasons that I love to eat at home. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a great meal out but given the choice, I’ll eat in my own kitchen. My attitude toward eating at home began during a time when my husband was traveling a great deal. I simply felt bad asking him to have one more meal in a restaurant and as such, stepped up my own culinary skills. Since that time, I’ve added many more reasons:

Food Prep in Agrigirl's Kitchen