Pay Back

I swear. The hardest thing I’ve ever done is try to be a good parent. There’s no book and I probably wouldn’t have read it if there was. I began with great ideals and have flexed into a more adaptive role realizing that kids and situations vary and that some of my ideals would ┬áhave likely put them on a therapist’s couch for years to come. I pray a lot.

Sixteen Year-old Decision


The Magic of Night School

Some of you began reading my blog through my association with Mrs. Q and the fact that I was leading my own private revolution against school lunch programs. It was that and a series of other events that caused us to change our youngest son’s school.

Now, there is no lunch program other than what we pack into his reusable lunch bag and a water bottle but let me tell you, whatever it is, it best not be rubbish or I may be notified.

Night School Photo by Director, Piya Jacob


Embracing Diversity

Here’s a boring little secret. I often read annual reports. Back in business school, it was required as form of analysis. What did the Chairman really say in his letter? Did the financial evidence support the words? Today, I no longer look from that vantage point but I do zero in on things like “corporate values”. This became of interest to me after the Enron crisis when that silver-toothed energy trader claimed “integrity” as a hallmark of their corporation. I began to realize the “sameness” of values and how unless they were embraced at the top and infused into decision making – including employee selection, there was really no point. It’s a bit like all of those folks with milk mustaches. Got Honesty? Got Integrity?

Embracing Diversity


2011 – A Photo Review

Happy New Year! It’s that time when we dust off our desks, focus on the future and decide where 2012 will take us. I find it helpful to consider the year that I’m closing out but not so much that it limits my invention of the year to come. What worked well? What didn’t? What will I commit to do in the year to come? ┬áHere’s a glimpse into our 2011.

Gratitude to My Friends and Readers


Awaken Your Inner-Nutella

“Whoever invented this has a straight shot into heaven for making so many people happy.” Those are words from my teenaged son as he sat with a spoon and a jar of Nutella. The “this” was in fact, the Nutella.

Nutella and the Attainment of Heaven


Full Circle

My parents can be proud of this. Not of me and not of my sister but of the evidence that points to the legacy of their own work.

My 8 year old niece’s head was bent over the craft table in full concentration. She was busy with some type of project. Tugging a phone book as large as herself across the room, she sealed an envelope and asked, “How do you spell Womens’ Resource Center?” My sister assisted and asked what was in the envelope. My niece couldn’t remember. A bit concerned about the phone call that might come from the Center or elsewhere, my sis took a peek.

The Gift? A Note and 5 Pencils


Yes, No or Not Right Now

The interaction was nearly silent. My son was hunched over the carrying case to his laptop. I could see his hand plunging deeply in each pocket. With mother’s intuition I knew instantly that he was searching for the mouse. He grimaced and the pace picked up. He was frantically moving his fingers from corner to corner of his bag. Silently and without notice I thought, “please let him find his mouse.”

If You Teach a Boy to Fish


Cracking the Cultural Nut

A colleague recently told me, “I’m not nearly as good as you are at getting my kids out to cultural events.” I knew instantly that my own kids might prefer to live in her house. You see, I love arts and humanities and I have this twisted parental attitude that developed years ago while reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting that says, exposure to said events will result in increased synapse firing for developing brains. In other words, what I love must be good for them!


Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Reasons to Eat at Home

Inspired by Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way, I thought I’d share the reasons that I love to eat at home. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a great meal out but given the choice, I’ll eat in my own kitchen. My attitude toward eating at home began during a time when my husband was traveling a great deal. I simply felt bad asking him to have one more meal in a restaurant and as such, stepped up my own culinary skills. Since that time, I’ve added many more reasons:

Food Prep in Agrigirl's Kitchen


Penne for your Thoughts

Pardon me ma’am but if you feed THAT to your child, his brain may not grow as large and it may lower his IQ. Would that get someone’s attention?

Penne and pennies