Bugged about the Bug

I confess that I’m not all that bugged about bugs. Now granted, I rarely visit Starbucks and when I do, it’s never been for a creamy, pink, Strawberry, calorie laden concoction but the outcry from consumers has surprised me a bit.  Meet the cochineal.

Cochineal on Host Cactus (more…)

My Love Affair with Alex

The deep confession is that it’s really a three-way. I was introduced to him by my husband who heard about him from one of his female friends. She was pretty adamant that he’d be right for us and DH knew I’d be receptive.


Green Washing & Washing Greens

The grocery store on our corner is part of a national chain yet the cloth banner that beats in the breeze makes claims of local produce inside. I believe they do have local produce but I have little confidence that it came directly from local production. I suspect that despite it’s nearby habitat, the produce went from here to some distant warehouse and back again.

flicker.com.cc.2.0 jenorton


My Heroes have always been Cowgirls

During kindergarten, my teacher asked what we’d like to be when we grew up. My answer, “either a cowgirl or a princess” and truth be told, I’m probably still stuck somewhere in that dilemma. Of course, Bonanza Jellybean, the heroine of a Tom Robbin’s novel strengthened the cause. And there was Neil Young’s Cowgirl in the Sand. But this past week, cowgirls weren’t a distant memory or a writer’s muse, they were up-close and in-person.

AZ Highways 2006 Kelly Glenn Kimbro



When was the last time that you looked to the sticky feet of a gecko for inspiration on a work problem? Or how about considering the irridescent qualities of a peacock feather in an attempt to solve a puzzle? I admit that sometimes cutting edge theory or science can be too far removed for me to tie my brain around and presented in any other context, the idea of biomimicry might have been one of those stretch concepts.

A dragonfly shedding it's exoskeleton


Top 10 Farmers Market Etiquette Tips (via Sustainable Cooking for One)

It’s National Farmer’s Market Week. The 7,175 farmers markets on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s farmers market directory represent a 17 percent increase since last year. While the increase is encouraging, we all need to have an appreciation for the hardwork and dedication required to get produce to the market. Ground Cherry has done a nice job of outlining some basic market etiquette. Please try to visit one this week!

Olympia Farmers' Market

1. Go with vague ideas, but be flexible. The tomatoes may be wonderful, but if they’re sold out, how about a pasta dish with zucchini and mint instead?

2. Be patient. No pushing, grabbing, or skipping in line.

3. Ask questions: recipes ideas, name that vegetable, how long something will keep… this is one difference between the supermarket and your local producers.

4. Volunteer answers. If someone asks about your favorite vegetable, tell them wh … Read More

via Sustainable Cooking for One


One of the greatest benefits of eating seasonally is that foods begin to speak of the seasons themselves. I only need to hear the words rhubarb crisp or see a photo and I’m instantly cast into mid-July. Peaches, berries, and sweet corn do something similar to me. But here in the desert where it’s so brutally hot, it’s hard to contemplate a dish that will require us firing up the oven. Conversely, there’s nothing so welcome as a cool refreshment.

Paletas de Pepino - okay the sticks are a little off-center!


Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Reasons to Have House Plants

It’s really nothing more than being green the old-fashioned way. We just didn’t call it that. When I was a kid and our family went on vacation, we not only roped a neighbor into feeding our dog but also into watering the indoor plants while we were away. There were ferns in hanging baskets, easy-to-grow philodendron, temperamental African violets and a wide assortment of ivy and succulents. My grandmother is so good with them that twice a year, she used to hold a well-attended plant sale.

Recommendation: 15 Plants per 2,000 Square Foot Home


La Diferencia de la Comida

Just writing this post is an adventure in itself. This is my first attempt at blogging from my iPad and from Perú. I’m here with 24 others on a Journey of Discovery high in the Andes Mountains. Every direction I look is the full-color pullout of a National Geographic. And at every turn, I learn how food played a dominant role in this ancient civilization.



Tammy’s Top Ten (t3 report) Reasons to Eat at Home

Inspired by Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way, I thought I’d share the reasons that I love to eat at home. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a great meal out but given the choice, I’ll eat in my own kitchen. My attitude toward eating at home began during a time when my husband was traveling a great deal. I simply felt bad asking him to have one more meal in a restaurant and as such, stepped up my own culinary skills. Since that time, I’ve added many more reasons:

Food Prep in Agrigirl's Kitchen